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mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, and maryland store owner shot and killed in would-be robber. police said two men tried to hold up a store at 9:30 last night. the owner managed to wrestled the gun and shot him. the robber died at the scene. >> the number of soldiers suicides will likely be higher than last year, but they are making progress on the problem. 140 active-duty soldiers and national guard soldiers have taken their own wives. those numbers have tapered off in recent months. >> the astronauts will do one last check for any signs of damage before docking later today. they will deliver 15 tons of parts to the space station. >>> new recommendations ncerning mammograms have many women concerned and worried. most women do not need mammograms in their 40's and should get one every two years starting at age 50. it is a break with the american cancer society's longstanding position. some are worried that health insurance will use this as an ex
, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, a maryland store owner shot and killed a would-be robber. police say two men tried to rob the food zone convenience mart. the owner wrestled the gun from one of the men. one man died at the scene. >> the number of suicides in the army will probably be higher than last year. they're making progress on the problem. one under 40 active-duty soldiers have taken their lives since january. those numbers have tapered off in recent months. >> the space shuttle of blindnesatlantis will dock withe space station today. >>> everyone seems to be talking about this. new recommendations concerning mammograms have many women worry. a task force says most women do not need mammograms in their 40's and to get one every two years starting at age 50. it is a break with the american cancer society's longstanding position. some are concerned health insurance would use this to deny coverage. >> this is a cost-cutting, not a cost-savings measures. this is trading money for lives. >> a group representing hea
! toys 'r' us...where kids are a big deal. ™ >> good morning. most lisa -- mostly cloudy skies, very little part cetacean -- precipitation. here is your day planner. it should be dry. 30% chance you will run into a shower this afternoon. a high of a 56 degrees. we have more rain in the seven- day forecast. we will take a look at that shortly. >> in the medical alert, a new report from the march of dimes shows the number of premature births has not changed very much. we have scored "d" on the report. one in five pregnant women still smoke. we need to reduce that number, and get women to doctors early, that would change things. >> if you take plavix, you may need to stay away from, and harper and medications. the effectiveness -- heartburn medications. the effectiveness could be effected. you should stay away from prozac and tagamet. >> coming up, we will get >> at evergreen, a pedestrian was struck. so far so good on ritchie highway. no problems to report on the beltway, j.f.x., but a problem at randall wood road. middletown road looking at closures are round of free land due to an ac
solution? give me a call. the number, 1-877-586-7297. straight out to my fantastic expert panel, lisa bloom, cnn legal analyst. we're delighted to have brian monroe, visiting professor, northwestern university madill school of journalism. and ken sealy, author of "face it and fix it," as well as tom ruskin former nypd investigator. but we begin with michelle sigona. michelle, what is the very latest? >> the very latest, jane, is more charges were supposed to come down today from investigators. but they're actually waiting until possibly later on this week to figure out which jurisdiction will in fact handle those charges. they're also waiting for the autopsy results to come back from shaniya. she is at the medical examiner's office right now. and they're still trying to piece together this puzzle, because what investigators do know is that when she was last seen one week ago, and that when she was coming out of the hotel in stanford, north carolina, she was alive at that point. so they're trying to put together that time line to figure out who killed her, when she was killed, when her body
on here. tell me about how you made some of the choices that are on here. >> well, "mona lisa," is on there. tavis: i sing in the television, in the shower, anywhere. [laughter] tavis>> i like that song, "monaa ." when this album came around, i wanted to put this on the record. we recorded it in capital studios here in los angeles which is where nat recorded. his piano is the panel that i played. it is intimidating. the familiarity is still there. it is like in the same room that he did it. his aura is still there. he is not me and i'm not him. i'm not trying to be better than him. i'm just try to sing a tune much like an actor. that is what i was involved with. there were many that are a joy to sing. tavis: give me the one that you are most shaky about. not sure this for the belongs to you. >> it would probably be the elton john song and the billy joel song. tavis: "your songs," is the title track. >> most of the songs were written by songwriters and were performed by singers. the common thread between "and i love her," and the beatles and "just the way you are," is that the
- rhetted. it is from lisa marshall. she wants to know why is the area in annapolis or areas near the water warmer than inland. i always thought it was colder. >> you have asked a question that is near and dear to tucker barnes' art. this is something we talk about almost every day as we are putting together the temperatures for the various areas because of the water. here is to answer it is tucker barnes. >> this is a great question and i've got the answer for you. the answer is that, depending on the time -- first, let's start ith there is a great interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans and water. and what happens is there is a lag effect. so water takes longer to either hold cool or warm air in the winter and the opposite happens in the summer. so this time of year, what happens is that the temperature of the water, because we have wed the very warm summer months, there is a lag. the temperatures this time of year are actually warmer than corresponding areas out to the west of the district. in the summertime, the opposite holds true so closer to the water, temperatures are cool
of safest cars. people wanted more info. here it is. our lisa stark joins us from washington with a look at some the winners and losers in the safest car trade. it's a little tougher to get a good grade this year, sshts it. >> reporter: it absolutely is. one car that didn't get a good grade is the subaru outback but the criteria was tougher this year so only 27 vehicles made the cut. to win top safety pick, cars had to do well on frontal crashes. side impacts. they had to offer good whiplash protection in rear accidents. that means well designed head restraints. and for the first time, the roofs needed to be strong enough to hold up in ray rollover. this volkswagen held up well. but this is what happens with a weaker roof. >> well, a lot of vehicles missed this list because of the new roof strength rating. their roofs aren't quite strong enough to get a good rating in our test. >> reporter: failing the roof test cost the honda accord and the ford fusion a place on this year's list. of the cars that passed all the safety tests four are large vehicles, from buick, ford, lincoln and volvo.
in it it stretches the lip and makes it look taught. >> let's show another celebrity. this is lisa rinna. tell us what you think about the before and after here. >> well, i think you can see this is a more natural volume for the face. and over here, you can see that there's a lot of swelling because silicone swells the lip. and this particular celebrity did her upper and lower lip, and they're almost the same size. and nature gives us usually a slightly larger lower lip and slightly smaller upper lip. we want to respect that. >> which you did respect when you did kristin's lips yesterday. show us -- they look great. but show us what the trick is achieving this look. >> so we call that the colbert lip. and what that means is we want to respect the natural volume of her face. and she has a great face, a model face. >> this is her before. she wanted a little -- what did you want? >> just a little bit on my upper lip. >> we did a tad on the upper and maybe a skirt in the lower. and her lips look completely natural. no one would know she had her lips done and she gets a little bit of volume. most peop
on a roadside bomb. loved video games, being a family man. leaves behind grieving parents, steven and lisa, two brothers, widow, megan, son, hayden, daughters, lily and elena. jonathan walls, an american hero. >>> thanks to our guests, but our biggest thank you to you for being with us. a special good night from alabama friends, lynn, karla, bill, aren't they beautiful? everyone, let's keep shaniya and her family in our prayers. i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp, eastern, and until then, good night, friend. i'm brooke anderson and this is the "showbiz tonight" newsbreak. here's what's coming up on "showbiz tonight" at the top of the hour. sarah palin's brand-new bombshells today. if you thought you heard it all on oprah, wait until you hear what she told barbara walters. >>> and brooke shields' brand-new shocking suicide confession.
, being a family man. leaves behind grieving parents steven and lisa, two brothers, widow meghan, son hayden, daughters lily and alana. jonathan walls. a special good night from alabama friends, lynn, carla, bill. aren't they beautiful? everyone, let's keep shaniya and her family in our prayers. i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern and until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> tonight, first sarah palin talked to oprah, then she chatted up barbara walters. if she is going to become a talk show host she's off to a good start. >>> he wilevi johnston didn't g the full monte in his "playboy" spread. >>> finally dr. drew pincy and recovering sex addicts talk about a serious problem that isn't always taken seriously, coming up next. %%%%%%%%% >>> tonight on "the joy behar show" sales for "going rogue" are going through the roof. will sarah palin's vindicti vindictiveness backfire? >>> and there's been posing and posturing this week. is sarah palin's "newsweek" cover too sexist? is levi johnston's play girl shoot not sexy enough? >>> finally
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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